Family Law & Divorce Mediation in Toronto

Going to court is not the only option to settle your divorce.

Family mediation is increasingly utilized by individuals and their representatives in Ontario. Family law issues are invariably personal and deeply sensitive, so the option to resolve them in private is appealing to divorcing spouses and lawyers alike. Mediation is particularly appropriate in a narrow set of circumstances where spouses have equal bargaining power and their rights are maintained in the process.

Toronto lawyer Elliot S. Birnboim, a commercial litigator and family law counsel, acts on behalf of clients in mediation when that process is right for them. It must be a process option that is conducive to achieving the right result on all major issues.

Know the benefits and drawbacks of mediation and discuss them with our lawyer.

Mediation is the resolution of a legal dispute with the assistance of an impartial third party. When this process is used in the context of a divorce, the objective is not to impose a settlement, but to have the spouses come to agreement on all legal aspects of their relationship.

While parties should enter mediation in good faith, the process does not have the same procedural requirements and protections as a court of law. This contributes to the cost-effectiveness and expediency of mediation, but perhaps is not right in divorces where spouses are not on equal footing, such as when one spouse has no significant income or is the victim of domestic violence. is about information and options.

Choosing your path to divorce is part of the process. Our lawyer will guide you through what to expect, and advise as to whether mediation is right for you. To discuss this further, contact us for a consultation.

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