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Selling Your House After Divorce

Finding ways to access your capital.

For most people, their largest asset is in the matrimonial home. Accessing your equity in the matrimonial home may not be straightforward. This can be problematic, especially when you need the money most – now. Legal bills, the costs of moving and transition mean that divorce can create a significant and immediate economic burden on a spouse.

Elliot S. Birnboim, an experienced family lawyer in downtown Toronto, can advise you on how best to realize on your equity in the matrimonial home quickly – even when your spouse may not be cooperating. Early intervention from a lawyer is critical to ensure that these goals are met. Elliot offers creative solutions to help achieve a sale of the home, whether or not your spouse is cooperating, including finding ways to help source temporary loans to meet your immediate needs.

Understanding how ownership and possession of the matrimonial home affect your rights.

Joint owners of a home have a right to ask a court to sell the matrimonial home. Those rights are far less clear when a spouse is not a registered owner of the property. In such cases, maintaining possession of the home can be a critical factor in ensuring that you are able to secure your equity or property entitlement.

We will help you advance strategies that allow you to realize on equity in the matrimonial home in a timely way, providing creative solutions to achieve the financial and personal goals in your divorce case.

Let us develop an intelligent and effective solution to address the issues respecting your matrimonial home and your separation.

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