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Could the age one marries influence the success of the union?

When a marriage ends there are a variety of matters that need to be worked through. This process is often complex and difficult for all involved and may lead to neither party truly being happy with the outcome. In addition to the division of assets and spousal support, in some situations, couples will also need to work out custody arrangements for children and child support matters. To avoid all of the complications that could arise, most couples will do what they can to avoid divorce altogether. 

A recent study found that the age at which someone marries could have a bearing on the viability of his or her marriage. The study found that certain demographics were more likely to divorce than others. In addition to young people in their early twenties and late teens, those over the age of 32 are also more likely to split than others. Accordingly, the best window to enter into this union appears to be during one’s late twenties and early thirties.

Though not completely clear, the sociologist behind the study has a theory as to why this is the case. Namely, he believes that individuals who wait that long to enter into such a union, do so because they are not actually predisposed toward having a successful marriage.

Though this study was conducted in the United States by a University of Utah sociologist, it could apply in Canada as well. Statistics Canada indicates that residents of the country fall into the range identified by the study. Specifically, the average age a woman marries at is 29. Men wait a bit longer with their average age being 31.

When a divorce does occur, to make sure one secures the best possible outcome, most find it beneficial to work with a family lawyer.

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