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Each year, tens of thousands of Canadians endure the upheaval of divorce

Statistics Canada stopped collecting information strictly about divorces in 2008, but up until then the divorce trends in Canada were relatively stable. In recent decades, the annual rate of divorce has ranged from 35 per cent to 42 per cent, with the rate in 2008 being about 40 per cent. That year there were reportedly 70,226 divorces in Canada. Sadly, these numbers reflect frequent emotional…

Understanding the importance of the matrimonial home in divorce

If you’re going through a contentious divorce, and if the amount of time you spend with your children and your right to keep certain items of matrimonial property are in question, then the whole ordeal is undoubtedly taking an emotional toll. You need someone on your side who can protect your legal interests so that you can focus your energies on getting through this difficult…

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