What you should know about child custody in Ontario

When a couple that has children divorces in Ontario, some of the most important matters that need to be worked through are child custody and support. Child support is dependent upon who has custody of a child as it is usually that individual who receives it. While in some cases it is possible for a couple to reach an agreement regarding child support on their own, in other cases the established Child Support Guidelines will need to be applied. 

There are several factors considered in determining how much will be owed. In a table created for use by residents of Ontario, those factors include how much a person makes during a year and how many children he or she has. Additionally, a parent might need to provide for extraordinary or special expenses. These could include the cost of extracurricular activities, educational programs, medical insurance premiums and child care. The lifestyle the family had before the parents split is also taken into consideration.

Establishing a status quo can have a bigger impact on establishing child support than one might think. For example, if the spouse who stays in the house is the primary care giver to a child or children, it is likely the settlement reached will reflect this. Accordingly, when possible, it is in the best interest of a parent to make sure he or she does not agree to leave the home without giving thorough consideration to the bigger picture. A lawyer who handles family law matters can help with this.

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