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Category: Property Division

The way you purchase your home could matter in split

Planning to buy a home is a big investment for anyone. When a couple decides to do it together, the endeavor can be quite complicated. This is true whether a couple is married or in a common-law relationship. If the couple decides to end their marriage or relationship, things can…

Retirement considerations for divorcing couples

There are many ways in which a divorce changes the life of those involved. In addition to physically splitting from one’s spouse, other things, such as time spent with children and assets, need to be divided as well. Depending on the specific financial situation of the divorcing couple, the assets…

Take steps to protect retirement during a divorce

In most cases the divorce process is a trying time in someone’s life. This is usually true regardless of the age of the parties divorcing, the assets they have accumulated and whether children are involved. While every divorce is of course different, there are some generalities that can be applied…

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