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Category: Family Law

Study sheds light on women and co-habitation

Few people enter into marriage thinking it will end in divorce. Despite this, couples throughout Canada regularly decide to end their unions. According to information Canadians provided in the 2011 census, rather than marriage, residents are increasingly opting to be involved in common-law relationships. A study recently released that was…

Matters to address when cohabitating couple splits

The end of any relationship is usually difficult. This is particularly true when, regardless of whether a marriage is involved, a couple has created a home together. While a cohabitating couple that decides to call it quits does not have to go through a divorce, it is possible many of…

Determining whether a common-law marriage exists

When a long-term relationship comes to an end, the assets the couple shares often need to be divided. This is true regardless of the whether the couple was ever married. While some items are easy to divide, if a couple that has a common-law marriage, the matter may be complicated….

Domestic Violence and Divorce Settlements

How Can Domestic Violence Affect Rights to the Family Home? Domestic violence is a serious matter in Ontario family law and the Canadian Criminal Code. In addition to the impact domestic violence allegations can have on child custody and spousal support, the court may grant one spouse exclusive possession of…

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