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How can a separation agreement benefit divorcing spouses in Ontario?

If you’re feeling uncertain about the future now that you and your spouse have separated, then you are not alone. Many separated spouses are not sure of how to proceed in terms of ending the marriage fairly and equitably. You’re not only dealing with emotional stress; you also have legal concerns, which may include matters of property division, child care, spousal support and moving house. …

A detailed separation agreement should address present and future concerns

While no one can predict the future with absolute certainty, it is possible in divorce and separation agreements to anticipate what might happen and plan accordingly. Your personal interest and your family’s interests may be at stake, so it is crucial that you have a written separation agreement that is enforceable in court. The agreement you sign with your spouse can be negotiated to address…

How long must I be separated before I can divorce in Ontario?

Generally, in Ontario, for a divorce to be completed, the spouses must have been separated for at least a year. The divorce process can start before the year is up, but in most cases, the process is not completed until a year has passed. There are exceptions, however. In cases involving adultery or domestic abuse, the divorce may be granted by the court at any…

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