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Could you benefit from a divorce coach?

There is no question that for most a divorce is one of the most stressful things someone will face. When a marriage ends many of the things that form the core of someone’s life are changed. In most cases stress makes the divorce process that much more difficult to handle. Accordingly, people are often open to techniques and processes that could reduce the stress.

Currently, most people rely only upon a divorce lawyer to help them navigate the divorce process. This makes sense since the knowledge and understanding they have about the legal matters tied to divorce makes their presence invaluable. It is possible however, that someone going through a divorce could seek support apart from the legal kind as well. Enter the divorce coach.

Also referred to as a divorce consultant, coach or doula, these individuals help their clients to see and focus on the big picture not just the matter they are disagreeing about at any given moment. There are multiple things outside of legal matters that these individuals can provide, including emotional support and financial preparation. This can result in clients being able to:

  • Cope better
  • Have a better attitude
  • Carry on focused discussions

The support that these professionals can provide may make it possible for a couple to reach an agreement regarding the legal matters tied to their divorce faster. In turn, this could reduce the financial cost of the divorce, leading to a better settlement for all involved.

Of course a divorce coach is not a substitute for a knowledgeable divorce lawyer. Because there are so many details that need to be addressed in a divorce it is important that individuals in this situation seek the assistance of a lawyer.

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