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How should child support be determined for professional athlete?

Even if a couple never married, if they have a child together and choose to not be in a relationship, child support is could be sought by the custodial parent. Though not determined in the course of a divorce, the same set of factors will be taken into consideration in determining the amount that one parent will pay to another.

In the course of determining what child support payments will be, all income must be disclosed to the court. In addition to salaries, incomes such as social assistance, workers’ compensation, trust benefits, employment insurance, disability payments and pension payments will be considered as well. This is true regardless of the occupation of the parents.

Currently, an Ontario court judge is working on determining how much the mother of Amir Johnson’s 2-year-old daughter, should receive for child support. The former forward with the Toronto Raptors now plays for the Boston Celtics. He signed a 2 year contract worth $24 million, with the team.

At issue is how to assess the child support payments for people in situations such as this one where the large salary the individual is receiving now, will likely not exist in the future. Though the mother’s lawyer indicates the woman is entitled to $113,000 per month, she is seeking $50,000. In seeking that amount, the mother is apparently concerned that her daughter will not be able to live the same way that her father, Johnson, does.

According to a court filing, her proposed budget is around $84,000. The mother currently receives child support totaling $8,622 each month and Johnson has indicated that he is willing to start paying $15,000, immediately.

The outcome of the case could have a bearing on child support orders involving professional athletes, in the future. We will provide updates on the matter when they become available.

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