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Toronto Divorce Advice, Tips & Resources

How to guard against an unfair spousal support arrangement

One aspect of divorce that many people don’t plan for is the possibility of having to leave the matrimonial home before the divorce is finalized. The uncertainty of not being in the home can affect every aspect of the divorce proceedings, including the amount and duration of spousal support. In some cases, the party that moves out of the matrimonial home experiences financial pressure to agree to an unfair spousal support arrangement. A variety of complex factors must be considered when deciding the amount and duration…

Things you should know about exclusive possession orders in Ontario

A primary point of contention in many divorces is the question of who will remain in the matrimonial home after the spouses have separated and until the divorce is finalized. Regardless of whose name is on the title, both spouses have a right to stay in the home, though the circumstances that led to marital strife in the first place tend to make cohabitation impossible for the divorcing parties. A spouse going through a divorce in Ontario has the right to seek a court order…

Understanding Ontario property division rules at divorce

Ontario couples who are seeking a divorce may be interested in information about how property is divided at the end of a marriage. While marital property is split evenly, other property may be subject to a statutory payment formula. The property division process that happens when a married couple divorces is governed by the Ontario Family Law Act. This law says that when a couple is legally married and not simply living common law, most property acquired during the marriage is shared between the divorcing…

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