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Selling the house in the divorce? For best price work together

While it is not something most people probably think about leading up to, and at, their wedding, not all marriages make it. When a marriage ends in divorce, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration, including the division of assets. For many people who find themselves in this situation the most valuable asset that needs to be considered is the family home.

The best approach for this asset will vary from couple to couple depending on each specific situation. When it is decided that the home will be sold, if possible it is usually financially best for the spouses to work together to find a buyer for the property. There are several ways in which this may be accomplished.

Some spouses find it possible to have the same brokerage. In this situation, the sale of the house looks just like it does when a couple is married. In most cases the divorcing individuals need to be on good terms for this approach to work.

When couples cannot work together in this manner they may be able to use the same brokerage but different real estate agents. When a relationship is extremely contentious, it may be necessary to bring in two different brokerages. In this situation the property would be co-listed.

The sale of a home as a part of a divorce can be emotionally difficult as well as complicated. Accordingly, in most situations the parties to a divorce find it beneficial to work with a lawyer who understands what goes into securing a fair settlement.

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