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When divorce is due to infidelity children should be protected

Since the hack of the Canadian company Ashley Madison, which is essentially a dating service for married couples, cheating has been in the news a lot and likely on a lot of people’s minds. While there are multiple reasons why a married couple in the Toronto area might decide to divorce, cheating is one factor that often pushes people to that point.

Whenever children are involved in a divorce it is possible that they could be hurt. According to an article published in the Toronto Star, where families are concerned, infidelity on the part of one or both parents may be considered one of the most damaging life events that can occur. The harm registers only behind the death of a spouse or a child.

As a result, when infidelity is a part of the split it is even more vital that the parents do what is necessary to present a united front to the children. In many situations this may mean the cheating parent will need to resist the urge to distance him or herself from the children, and the other parent will need to create enough space between themselves and the children for the cheating spouse to have access. The failure to take these steps could cause children involved to feel confused and hurt.

While infidelity may be the reason why a couple in Toronto decides to divorce, beyond that it means little to nothing. The division of assets and debts will proceed the same regardless of why a divorce has been filed. Accordingly, when selecting a lawyer to assist with the matter the focus should be on finding someone who is well versed in how to get a fair share for his or her client.

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