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Which documents are necessary to determine child support?

Though few couples that decide to have children together assume that they will breakup, it does of course happen. When it does, it is likely the custodial parent will seek child support from the other parent. This is true regardless of whether the couple was ever married.

In Ontario, Child Support Guidelines are in place, which help determine how much those payments should be. Being aware of what those guidelines take into account can help parents involved in a child support proceeding prepare.

Depending on the specifics surrounding each particular situation, it is possible that among others, the following documents could be required:

  • Last three years worth of income tax returns and accompanying documentation as well as any notices of assessment and re-assessments for those years
  • Current statement of earnings proving the year’s earnings to date
  • Trust settlement agreements and the three most current financial statement
  • Disability, workers’ compensation, pension, social assistance, and employment insurance income statements

Income information obtained from these documents is then used in conjunction with a support table or grid to determine how much needs to be paid. If the child support payment being sought is the same as what is indicated on the support table, this information is only required from the supporting parent. If, however, the non-paying parent is seeking a different amount, he or she will also have to provide the applicable financial documents.

This process will be used not only when an initial child support payment is being sought, but also if the paying parent wants to modify the amount he or she is paying.

It is possible that child support matters can be complicated. Because of that, any time it is being determined it is important that the parties involved have a lawyer on their side to make sure it is fair.

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