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Women more likely to seek divorce. Here’s why.

When a couple decides to marry, while their vows may include the phrase “’till death do us part,” there is no guarantee that a relationship will last that long. When one, or both, of the parties to a marriage decide to end it, there are usually multiple factors that need to be considered. These include the division of assets and debts, spousal support, and when children are involved, custody and child support.

Depending on the situation, the resolution of these matters can be contentious. Accordingly, in most cases, the sooner a party to the relationship contacts a lawyer, the better. Statistically, women are more likely to make the first move to divorce, than men are.

A sociologist at a university in the United States recently provided his thoughts on why this is the case. Though he is basing his thoughts on research conducted in the U.S., it is likely at least some of the reasons would apply to women filing for divorce in Ontario, Canada, as well.

According to the study, 69 percent of the time, women are the ones who make the first move. Some of those women cited a loss of independence or controlling husbands as a reason. In addition, it is possible that despite holding down fulltime jobs, a greater domestic responsibilities falling on wives could also play a role.

Having a career plays another role in the lives of women. As a result of so many women working fulltime, they also have the financial independence which means they don’t rely upon their husbands to live.

Regardless of the reasons behind the decision to divorce, both spouses should work with lawyers to secure the best possible outcome.

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